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Grandio Ascent 8x8 Greenhouse

The Brighton greenhouse combines both clear and opaque panels into the best of both worlds. The clear panel walls give not only an aesthetic appeal, but also allow the maximum amount of light to enter. The opaque roof breaks up any direct rays that may be damaging to your plants. This unique combination allows the perfect amount of sunlight to enter your greenhouse without harming your plants.

Grandio Elevated Garden Box

EcoJet is the most efficient, effective, and durable pool cleaner on the market today. Costing less than 8ยข per 2 hour cycle, the Ecojet will make your pool sparkle, and save you hundreds on pool maintenance costs.

Yellow 10' Tandem Kayak

The Lifetime Kayaks are perfect for a day at the lake..

Monkey Bar Swing Set

The Lifetime Swingsets are perfect for your backyard.


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